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Icelab Bali

Hampers Mini Tropical Box 4 Jams

Hampers Mini Tropical Box 4 Jams

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Show your loved ones how much they mean to you with a Tropical Delight gift basket from Icelab. Nestled comfortably inside a carefully knitted bamboo basket is a jar of our delicious Jam, which is made using natural ingredients.

This jam is a tropical flavor sensation, perfect for toast, porridge, or use in desserts, made in Bali from delicious fresh natural ingredients. With fruits sourced from local farmers, you can trust that everything has the flavor you know and love from the island of the gods.

Beyond the jams, there are stunning baskets, handcrafted from natural bamboo, fabric and sustainable foam. We don't use any plastic or man-made elements in our products, from the food itself to the packaging, as our way of saying thank you to the universe for giving us the ingredients!

So whether you're thanking a colleague at work, wishing a newly-moved friend a warm welcome, sending a get-well wish to an ailing loved one, or just sending someone a treat, choose Icelab! We have delicious and eco-conscious gifts for every occasion.

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