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Moroccan Mint - Organic Infusion Tisane

Moroccan Mint - Organic Infusion Tisane

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life is in perpetual motion. With its herbal teas «Le Champ de l'air» invites you to return to the sources, to draw from within the energy that re-enchants everyday life. For millennia, plants have healed us and accompany us. By growing and harvesting them with care, our intention is to transmit to you the joy and benefits that they offer us.

The plants we cultivate come from our nursery, they are sown, planted, Weed, bined, harvested, drying up and manually sorted. Each step is important and constitutes a full -fledged work, in order to preserve the Aromas, properties and colors of plants. Thus, leaves, flowers, seeds and roots are harvested at precise stages where the plant is full of virtues, from spring to fall. They are immediately put in the low dryer temperature and sheltered from light, in order to preserve all their qualities. Plants are then sorted, then kept in a healthy place before being enchanted.

The project was born in 2009 on land family, in the town of Baulon in Ille-et-Vilaine. his project is part of a wide framework of Back to earth, the maintenance of small economically farming farm viable, a need to work with plants while respecting their pace And their needs, this is how implanted the first greenhouse and the first Culture plot.nSince the plants have grown and we also, by acquiring experience, to offer you healthy plants and quality. We first studied their Rhythm to finally adopt it. As They, in the spring, we leave in strong planting and harvest activity. As they are waiting for the rain on the days sunny August, and like them, we D isparait of the field in winter.Today we cultivate 50 varieties of aromatic and medicinal plants on 2 ha of good land

A plant is consumed in infusion or decoction, alone or embellished with other Plants. Associated with each other, they strengthen their action. To make your infusion bring water to a boil, cut the heat and add the plants, Cover, wait 10 minutes, filter and taste. The decoction used for seeds and roots is to plunge plants into water Cold, to bring it to a boil for a few minutes then to infuse 10 minutes. So Made, the drink can be drunk during the cold or hot day depending on your taste. We usually consume a teaspoon of plants per cup and a spoon to Soup for 1 liter. For medicinal use, two teaspoons, three to five times a day. They keep their properties sheltered from light and humidity, in a sachet or A closed jar.

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